Between Nature and Culture

Villa Viticcè is located within the very heart of Naro countryside, few kilometres away from the famous Vally of the Temples in Agrigento. It represents a unique place where nature and history merge togheter into a perfect mix. 

This area, nestled among vines, olive trees and citrus trees, in fact, it is not merely known for agriculure, but also because it is bounded by two important archeological sites: Contrada Cignana and Altopiano Petrasi, two widespread areas of historical cultural interest being characterized by the presence of several catacombs dated back to the paleochristian era.

This is the place between nature and culture, where Villa Viticcè has its roots and from where it looks towards the future.

Contrada Viticcè

The term Viticcè, comes from the place in which the estate is located, called in fact Contrada Viticcè, and it represents an ancient vulgarization of the word viticcio (tendrill) by the sicilian dialect. 

Viticcio or tendrill is that part of the vine with a threadlike shape used by the plant in search for supports and attachments like stakes or wires. That suggests how this area has always been known as an area highly devoted to viticulture, in particular for the production of the Prince of sicilian wines: Nero d’Avola.

The Mediterranean sea on one side...

Being on a hill at 300 metres above the sea level, the Mediterranean sea can be easily seen from the upper part of the estate. 

This doesn't offer just a beautiful view in the background, but moreover it affects the quality of the vines and the grapes by bringing in salinity thanks to the breezes the blow in through the vineyards.

Sun, sea and vines, perfectly blended in a unique mix to give life to wines that bring with them all the flavours of the Mediterranean scrub.

...The Etna Volcano on the other

When the weather is good with a clear air and excellent visibility, it is possible to admire in distance the peak of the Etna Volcano with all its greatness and power.

The linear distance between these two points it is slightly less then 125 km, but the Volcano cannot be seen all the time due to haze and during those claudy and humid days.

However in perfect weather conditions, this spot become something special allowing us to enjoy a pretty clean sight on this Volcano that is certainly regarded as one of the greatest icon of the sicilian territory.

History, Culture and Itineraries

Naro is positioned on a hill that is dominated by the Chiaramonte Castle and with the verdant Valle del Paradiso at its feet and also sourraunded by rows of vines, olives and citrus trees. Located a few kilometers from the city of Agrigento and its suggestive Valley of the Temples, the small town of Naro represents a genuine historical, artistic and cultural heritage in Sicily.Full of history, art and natural beauty, it is appreciated for its numerous and fascinating civil and religious monuments in Gothic and Baroque style that embellish and enhance its territory. Its prominent position is naturally protected and has made it a particularly beautiful “belvedere” in Sicily. This terrific panorama extends from the Etna Volcano, to the Madonie Mountains and to the sea of Licata, Agrigento and Sciacca. In this place with very ancient origins, you can breathe a particoular air in which tradition and history blend with legend. 

Crossing the city centre of Naro it is possible to embark on a real journey into the history of art: you can easily pass from the Gothic-medieval style to the style of the nineteenth century, plunging into the Sicilian Baroque, but deeply different from that one of the Val di Noto. It is not just Naro, but the whole triangle that enclose Naro, Palma di Montechiaro and Licata, that offers some of the most intriguing Sicilian artistic centres, an area dotted with medieval castles, Baroque and Liberty style buildings, and some sea areas of rare beauty.

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