Our property

The rural house of Villa Viticcè, is an ancient structure dated back to the beginning of 1800 and known at that time as Casa Viticcè or Casa Di Vincenzo, from the name of the family who first acquired the estate from the Tomasi di Lampedusa family around the end of 1700. 

It is right here the new wine cellar will take place, and it will be built in accordance with the surrounding territory and keeping the right balance between tradition and innovation. 

The renovation project includes a perfect mix between new enologic technologies and architectural tradition, because our goal is to tranfer the importance of the past to the modern days and on top of that to share our values: environmental sustainability and respect for nature.

Wine Experience.. Upcoming

Hospitality is very important for us and we would like people to experience unique and unforgettable moments feeling like home in a professional as well as friendly and warm environment. That is the reason why Villa Viticcè will be open to visitors and wine lovers for tours and winetastings trying to offer a well thought journey to involve as much as possible each visitor into our wine business. 

Tours will be starting by driving through our vineyards to get within the estate, once there a sight to the wine cellar is essential and then the experience will going to end in our winetasting room, which includes a suggestive panoramic terrace where it will be possible to enjoy a wide view upon the vineyards paired by the Mediterranean sea on the horizon.

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